Monday, February 8, 2016

This makes me smile!

Whenever I get a hankering to go outside and can't for whatever, schedule, whatever other crap limitations....I go browsing around youtube for cool outdoor videos to fill the void.

I came across this one some time ago.
LOVE Lily!!! Super cool dog doing super fun stuff! And goodNESS that mountain bike trail looks FAB-TASTIC too!

You go Lily!

Sidebar here...I'm always looking for cool dog gear for my dogs too and for-the-life-of-me couldn't find the vest that Lily is seen wearing throughout this video until TODAY!
It's made my Ruffwear and is the Web Master version. Cost $59.95 and is actually designed to help you lift your dog over obstacles. Might be just the ticket for our little guy Dodi who loves to swim but hates the bulk of a pfd.

Cheers for now. And ENJOY!

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  1. I was remembering Toby running around the house as I watched Lily. Loved watching it.