Saturday, February 6, 2016

Sounds that shouldn't be heard coming from your dryer...

I refuse to buy one of those new, fancy, colorful, front load, computerized washer and dryers. For the very reason of yet another appliance adventure that ensued today. 

If you've ever heard some metal on metal clicking, chirping, screeching or other such sounds coming from your clothes know when something's not quite right with it.

The older model dryers are very simple mechanical inventions with replaceable parts, easy to understand and easy to troubleshoot.  (Which is why I love older appliances! They're fixable when they break.  And yes, they will break.)

The sound I heard today made me fly like a bird to shut it off as it sounded like something was stuck in the exhaust fan. Like something metal was be dragged around inside. (not good).  Having had some experiences in the past with this dryer before...I suspected a hair pin was stuck in something it shouldn't be stuck in.

Yep, sure enough!  Mystery solved...a rats nest of bobby pins were scattered throughout the exhaust fan chamber and venting system.  Ever wonder where all those bobby pins are going?  Ever wonder why you never seem to have enough to pin your hair back when you need them. I have a suggestion.  Check your dryers venting system.  Or better yet, check your pockets before you wash the clothes. 

Needless to say, we have a new rule in our house.  Check your pockets or the dryer is going to be destroyed.  Gotta love appliance adventures.  And the good that came out of all this? Our dryer has a much better flow of air now that things are all cleaned out.

Stay tuned for more adventures. I can feel them on the horizon!

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