Thursday, June 19, 2014

What a difference a roadtrip makes! Excerpt 3 of 10

I can't explain where it comes from...but it seems to be something some people are born with and others not-so-much.  The love of READING!!

I love to read...and I found a store many years ago when I was attending college in Chattanooga that filled the book void!  And OH MY how this store has grown since then.  I watched this store grow and grow over the years and still...I love to go there.

Naturally I would share my love of this place with Chris and her kids too. I swear there is something for everyone in this place.

McKay's Used Bookstore!!

With locations in Knoxville, Nashville and Chattanooga Tennessee we can only get our fill of this phenomenal store about twice a year. And a visit to Mckays is a MUST when we road tip to Tennessee!
It might not look like much from the outside...but HOLY books, movies, cds, video games and even vinyl records are in this store! It's a buy, sell, trade sorta place so it's always hopping.
Aisle and aisles of books and it's very easy to burn two hours wandering this store and not even know it.

What might be some of our favorite categories to explore?
Cook Books
Art (the big picture book variety)
New Age
Green Living
Nature (for the birding books)
and on and on.

If you're a reader...and you live in or around any of the Mckay's MUST visit!

Stay tuned....there's much more to come.

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