Sunday, April 20, 2014

time for the "name that chicken" game...

Here's a recent photo taken through the "chicken hatch" from inside the barn looking out into the barnyard. And as a side note here...the reason these gals are looking so inquisitive is because we had just let the new rooster we got last week into the barn and they clearly knew there was a "new guy in town" and were chickens do.

So anyhow...can you figure out which one of these gals in the photo here is name "hokey toe?"


  1. Hokey Toe looks to be the Rhode Island red standing next to the black one. Am I right? Mom

  2. Yep, you guessed it mom. She's likely the oldest of the brood. Even though we don't seeing her lay eggs any more, we've decided to keep her around. She adds personality to the group...not to mention she's a tough old bird to living through the whole toe thing.