Sunday, January 5, 2014

attitude adjustment activate

I ain't gonna lie. Took this photo about 3:45p on Sunday afternoon. Snow coming down pretty dang hard here in northwest Ohio. After deliberating for nearly an hour this morning, decided it was in my best interest to call off work and not ridiculously temp the snow gods and spend the night in my truck stuck on the side of the road trying to get home.

Won't be long and we will likely have what's been predicted for two days now...another ten inches of snow.  sigh. (so definitely a good call...not braving the roads today..thanks Chris for your advice)

Yes, Yes. I'm a born yankee and all, but I've been to the "promised land" (Tennessee, spent nearly 20 years there)...and being snow limited isn't really cool to me. 

I admit it. I need an attitude adjustment. I probably just need to bundle up and go outside and build some snow things. That will likely do the trick actually. I've already been out and shoveled once...confident another visit to the shovel gym is in the very near future. (positive arms and back are getting stronger by the day!)  pfftt, who needs a snow blower anyway?

So to my friends who have yankee winter blood flowing through their veins (yes, this means you Chris)...high five.  To my friends who are somewhere south of here and are thinking "gee, that must suck"....high five.
In the mean time...trying to capitalize on computer time and website updating.

Winter has returned. (just like the winters of old...I remember THIS is what winter was like here in northwest Ohio when I was a kid...and truth is...once you have the proper boots, gloves, hat, shemgah, fleece and the's not so bad).  Now...I believe snowball chuckin, snow people building and sledding will soon be in order!
Stay safe everyone. Rumor has it...the temps are about to plummet too.

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