Thursday, December 26, 2013

ya'll gone and done it now!

Thanks Dave Granlund!  Dave Granlund has been an editorial cartoonist, published in daily newspapers since 1977. And I totally agree with his depiction of this situation.  "Phil Robertson done gone and shot his own foot."  (Any celeb or politician or media known will tell what you say or it will effect your bottom line).

I'm sorry but I just have to comment on the recent events regarding the statements made during an interview by GQ's Drew Magary in the article titled appropriately "What the Duck".  Then of course there's the video that's gone viral on youtube.

I saw the hubbaloo in the news about it.  Shortly after I'd just finished watching season one of Duck Dynasty on Amazon Prime and liking the show!  Yep, this show is pretty dang entertaining...funny...and sometimes a  But when I heard about the news craziness going on regarding Phil I thought....what is this about and where is it coming from?  So I went looking for the facts. What did Phil say exactly? I read the entire GQ article and then watched the whole 50 minute video (in parts) posted on youtube by "ourbereachurch".

This isn't a free speech issue. It's just not. Ok, yes, you can say whatever you want to say in America but freedom of speech comes with some ramifications too.  According to "Freedom of speech in a self-governing society demands that citizens act with moderation, respect, and responsibility."

But hold on one second.  In the land of free speech, how can we forget some other famous folk who got themselves into hot water by their words.  Remember Mel Gibson? No one can forget Mel Gibson telling a policeman during his 2006 DUI arrest that "Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world."  And how about Paula Deen? She practically lost her business empire and was fired by the Food Network after she found herself caught in the middle of a racially charged controversy. Then there was Michael Richards.
During a 2006 performance at the Laugh Factory in Hollywood, the former "Seinfeld" actor shouted racial slurs to black hecklers in the audience, used the "n" word several times, and even referred to lynching.  And I don't remember anyone rushing to shout "free speech, free speech" during those controversies.

Then there's the issue of credibility. Sure enough...I cannot argue the credibility Phil Robertson has regarding duck calls and duck hunting. The man's clearly an authority on this subject.  But why might he be considered anything close to an authority regarding gays?

One might argue because he's "quoting the Bible?"  Really?  Does it say what he says it says?  Phil picks and chooses here as to exactly what the Bible "forbids".  Here we go yet again...the topic of Bible and context.  (Yet another broken record.)  Used yet again to make a point while at the same time exhibiting bigotry for the sake of "I'm better than you" bible taunting?  Come on.

Best article I've read on this issue....check it out titled "Everyone is a Biblical Literalist until you bring up Gluttony".  What?????? No you didn't just say that Rachel Held Evans.  THANK YOU for bringing up the topic of buffet lines and the Bible.  Truly a brilliant read and extremely well articulated from someone who understands the whole of the real issue.

I won't question for a second that Phil knows what he's talking about when it comes to hunting ducks...but you want to declare yourself as an authority regarding what the Bible supposedly says?  "Heartless, faithless, ruthless, senseless?" And yes, since this all has come out in the media a joke around our home now has become "we invent ways of doing evil....on a daily basis" Um, yeah that's my MO every day. Sure.

This is all just dumb. Ignorant. Dumb. Stupid.  And I'll say again this isn't about freedom of speech.  Because yep, anyone is free in America to say what they want...but when comments turn derogatory words become harmful.

So what is the issue here then? This is a Golden Rule issue.  Matthew 7:12 states, "Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets." And Galatians 5:14 says, "For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this; Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself."  Words "do" too. Words can do harm.  Shouldn't we consider this when we consider the issue of free speech?

We can't go into any store and not see something that is covered with images of Duck Dynasty right now.  And when I see these I can't help but be reminded of this whole debacle. It's just sad. And so goes tv.

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