Saturday, December 21, 2013

what are those??? and Merry Christmas.

Just in case you don't know...these are "Buckeye Candies".  Which also happen to be a Christmas favorite in Ohio.
I mean...if you're FROM know what a Buckeye is...and you've probably eaten a BUNCH of the candied version as shown here.  So of course these candies are a huge favorite to gift at the holidays.
I'll break it down for you...basically you're looking at a homemade version of a peanut butter cup.  Primarily because these are made from peanut butter, confectioners sugar, butter and chocolate.
NO Christmas is complete without them. And are tons of fun to make actually.  Send me a message of you want the recipe. I'll be happy to share.  rachel(at)racheldickson(dot)com.

And a joyous, VERY merry Christmas to you!

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