Monday, April 29, 2013

ahhhhhhh, that art show feeling!

Grand Rapids, Ohio has become my local "little favorite-downtown-scene-town." It's got that little shops scattered about downtown thing going just behind main street flows "the muddy Maumee" (the maumee river) as its referred to around here.

Ahhhh. I miss being near bodies of water...especially mountain rivers. So, the maumee will have to do in a pinch. But I digress.

There's an art gallery located amongst the shops along Main Street there in Grand Rapids called Angelwood Gallery. Chris and I stumbled upon this little gallery last year while walking from shop to shop one afternoon...which then led us to attend an art opening which since has led us to attend Saturday evenings art opening there at Angelwood.

It's SUCH a joy for me to be around art in the art-opening-sort-of-setting. The buzz and hub-bub that goes along with art shows is unmatchable. Like a shot of art energy right into the arm! And to experience this buzz with Chris is even more enjoyable for I think she now has caught the art appreciation bug too.

Julie Beutler, owner of Angelwood is a potter. So naturally her work is on display and for sale at the gallery along with other local artists. But Saturday night was a show celebrating 20 years. (The celebration was actually two-fold....20 year anniversary or gallery and also of Julie creating pottery). In gallery years...THAT is a BIG DEAL! 20 years?? You know you're doing something right if you can make it 5 years let alone 20.
It was a joy to join in the celebration and attend Saturday night. And Chris and I also added to our personal art collection a similar piece of what's shown in the image above, a "homey". (Thought it's cute that Julie named this series of clay houses, "Homeys".) We now have a one-of-a-kind Julie Homey in our art collection!

Which I will just go ahead here and say...there's just nothing more fun than collecting art from favorite places and sharing in that experience with your life-partner. It truly is a pleasure to mutually appreciate art!
And a big high-five to all of you who have discovered this joy.
Go, be, buy art!!

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