Monday, April 15, 2013

A walk in the woods...taking the paintings for a hike and other fun adventures

I might be just a little bit crazy...(have been called worse things) but it seemed to me that a few of the finished paintings hanging in the studio were BEGGING to get out! And if you know me...I'm always up for an adventure...trying out something new.  So, I carefully put them into my backpack and off we went into the woods.

Each piece truly seemed to appreciate getting out! After all...who says paintings don't experience "cabin-fever" too? And the nearby wildlife was like..."Hi, there! Welcome to the woods."

Mr. Cardinal and Mr. Owl smiled a the warm breeze and sunshine smiled down on them.  Was only about a 2 hour adventure...but they seemed super-appreciative! And now hang again in the studio awaiting their new home.

OH!! and one OTHER really cool thing!! I TOTALLY ran into Equality while I was in the woods! Yet another reason I LOVE to get outside and wander amongst the trees.

Thank you nature for your blessings!

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