Thursday, March 15, 2012

moved my office outside...

The weather as most of you know has been STELLAR lately! So I couldn't help myself when it came to moving my office outside for the afternoon.
Set up a temporary studio on the picnic table in the backyard and soaked up some sun while working on some new paintings.
Drawback of painting outside? Your paint dries faster than you really want it to.
Bonus of painting outside? Besides the obvious of simply BEING outside...both dogs, and one of the indoor cats, Lito, was exploring the great outdoors while I was busy painting away. The chickens are cluckin around scratchin up bugs and such...and I hear the traditional "something is wrong" chicken call. "Baulk BAULK bak bak bak bak". (For those of you who've heard chickens cluck know what this sounds like). Anyway, I looked up and then cracked up when I saw that Lito was "hunting" the so much that when the rooster caught wind of the impending pounce did the typical head down charge beak forward in an effort to ward off Lito from his hen pals (... let me just say here that if Lito HAD actually touched one of the chickens he probably would have been shocked by doing so and freaked out in a stunned sorta manner). HILARIOUS!
Just another episode in the domesticated pets meet farm animal variety. Probably not something most folks get to watch from their desk. Gotta love country livin!

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