Thursday, September 26, 2019

oh RATS!

I have a hunting camera in the barn to keep watch over the goings on in there after dark.  And I kept getting these photos of this long-tailed blur.  RAT!

These little buggars are much smarter than I expected. After multiple attempts using various bait (peanut butter of course was one I used that failed)...turns out left-over chicken wing bones from any restaurant that serves wings does the trick.  (Mice and rats both gnaw on bones and I suppose they can't resist the smell from the sauce of the remaining bits of chicken on the bone).

I couldn't believe the speed and acrobatics this rat could do inside my trap!  Amazing climbing, zipping around and maneuvering skill.  I can't imagine having one of these get in your house.  Ewww.

I actually caught two rats over a period of about 2 weeks (elusive, smart buggars).  And haven't had any more photos so I'm thinking done for now with rats. Never a dull moment.

Always something going on in that barn.  The gift that keeps on giving.

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