Sunday, August 4, 2019

beekeeping continues!

I was so thrilled to open my hive up this Spring and learn that the girls survived the winter!!  Originally when I jumped into beekeeping my idea was to start with one and then end on two hives.  I wasn't in any real hurry to get a second hive...but it just sorta unfolded in my lap this year.

Here's an image of the newly installed nuc (via Ramge local beekeeper extraordinare, thank you KENT!) into my second hive.

I continue to learn...somewhat by accident and somewhat by necessity when it comes to beekeeping and all involved.

My original hive swarmed this year. (can't say that I expected to experience that in just year 2...but there goes the learning again).  Fortunately, the remaining bees made a new queen and they're back to doing what bees do best...grow, gather, store, defend, repeat.

I did attempt to recapture my swarm...but they weren't having it and left to who knows where...maybe some other beekeeper was able to capture them and re-home them.  I'll never know.  But I know more than before about swarms and what to expect and what to do next, etc.  I also know that I've been delusional to think that my beekeeping adventure will end on just 2 hives.  I'll bet that in time I may have as many as 4 or 5...but I'm in no hurry to arrive at that.  Nope...too much learning still to do before that happens.

"Bees will do what bees will do.  Beekeepers are just along for the ride."  Rachel Dickson

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