Saturday, February 24, 2018

New art!!!

Here's my latest art piece!

This is a male Rose-breasted grosbeak. Interestingly these birds are from the Cardinal family.

I have spotted a few of these songbirds around the bird-feeder this past summer. Beautiful and colorful and very fun to depict in a painting!

I've been wanting to try my hand at watercolor board.  This is a fairly new medium ...usually when you paint with watercolor it's on paper and you have to put it under glass (ie...frame it) ...which is kind of a debbie-downer in the original art cover your art with glass.

Someone came up with a clever way to allow for watercolor to be painted on "canvas".  This isn't exactly a canvas, rather this particular piece is on a gesso type coated 6 inch by 6 inch board that's 1/2 inch it looks like a canvas when it's hanging on the wall.

I would never claim to be a "watercolor artist" as painting with watercolor is VERY challenging to me.  I definitely prefer painting with acrylic...but sometimes is fun to stretch your skills and dabble in new things.  Watercolor definitely has it's place when it comes to mixed media.

I've always enjoyed watercolor that was very loose and included ink in the piece. So here's one of my attempts at achieving this.

Male Rose-Breasted Grosbeak.  Measures 6"x6" square and is watercolor on watercolor board, (and I did use pen/ink in this piece too) sprayed with a fixative so the color remains permanent.

Much more to come!

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