Sunday, November 5, 2017


Unfortunately, it's that time of year here in Northwest Ohio where we must prep for winter.  This means prep for closing all the chickens up together in the big barn.  And currently, there aren't enough laying buckets to accommodate all our hens when cooped up into the same I took some time the other day to make some design changes. 

Still a work in progress (as it takes some time to figure out if the chickens will actual use what you build for them in the way you envision when you build it...always calls for some adaptations along the way). 

It's already dawned on me that I'm going to need to adjust the bottom perch because it's directly under the top perch and I don't think these gals can get to the top row.  See...adapt and overcome on the fly.  Part of the fun of creating solutions I suppose.

I have plans to add a few more of these bucket nests before winter arrives...but at least this is a start.

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