Sunday, December 20, 2015

When our hearing goes to sh*t.

It's happening. Has been for some time now. Like these reindeer, I can't hear for sh*t.  And yep...this makes for some good belly laughing around our house. The repetitious ..."what?" and the occasional...confusion such as "did you say, 'I have a big gash on my blouse?'  No, I said, "will you please take the trash out of the house."

Yesterday I chuckled even more when ordering through a drive-thru speaker and the cashier clearly wasn't hearing what I was requesting and I turned to Chris sitting next to me and seriously asked, "Am I mumbling?" She confirmed for me, "no" and then after a bunch of clarification the cashier got our order right. So maybe it's not just me with this hearing thing?'s to a happy healthy and good hearing Christmas holiday season!

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