Monday, March 31, 2014

when the weather forecast reads "warmest day in months"...

one wakes up and says, "hell yeah!"

We haven't seen 60 degree temps in northwest Ohio in I can't tell you how long (and yes...I realize we aren't the only ones, I realize many of you relate to this...winter was rough in many parts of the country this year).  And when I read this weather forecast on my phone this morning...I laughed out loud and said, "hell yeah"!  Warmest day in months means forget everything else and get the hell OUTSIDE!!!  Don't to the woods!

So I snatched up the dogs (who also have been feeling couped up and over it) and zipped over to Oak Openings for as long a tromp in the woods as our bodies would let us handle.  (The only serious unfortunate thing was that Chris had worked the night before and had to sleep this beautiful day away. And to that I say...never forget the dedication of nurses who work nights...and how this is truly stellar for those who have relatives in the hospital that need 24 hour care).  Otherwise...she would have been along on this trek for sure!

Judging by the joy depicted in the above image (note both dogs over my left shoulder with that "Glee...omg this is freakin amazing look about them") was well worth the time today. We tromped through the woods with huge smiles on our faces...I talked to birds and squirrels and such...and then I laughed when the dogs ripped through the muddy patches on the trail...not caring the least bit that they were turning black in the process.  I get it. Couped up in the house warrants ripping through black mud.  I agree!

The air smelled good today. And I smiled especially to the fact that I wouldn't have to worry about doing a tick check upon return home.  Nope. Not today.

Huge smiles as Northwest Ohio wakes from an ugly winter. We made it. We survived what we call in our house "snakes on a plane winter 2014".....interpretation...if you've seen this'll know the line...."I'm tired....of these mother-F*cking snakes...on this mother-F*cking plane"...which we have chosen to apply to the snow...of 2014.  Yep...we grew tired of it...just like everyone else.

Welcome Spring. Welcome!!

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