Monday, October 14, 2013

...the passing of's reminder of how living things move us.

Pets.  Often time we take them for granted...until they aren't here any longer.
Today marks the passing of two family pets in three months...and serves as a reminder to me as to just what these lil guys mean to us.  Their absence serves as a reminder to me as to just how powerful their simple presence is.
Rest in peace Joe Joe. The family pug...who lived a very long and good life passed today from health complications that were escalating.
I was reminded today of another moment in "petland" that I remember was mind-boggling to me.  Some years ago I found myself in a place where I wasn't in a place where I could have a dog, or a cat or the "traditional" pet but was able to have a fish. Yes...a fish.  And I was AMAZED at what the presence of another living thing in my personal space did for my peace-of-mind. I was totally blown away as to what a simple fish brought into my life.  Not surprising that fish lived for a VERY long fish years. 
Let us not take for granted our little animal friends.
RIP...Joe Joe and 3 months ago...Lito.  Illness is a sad thing...even when it strikes our pets.

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