Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Observation #4,503

Music = Art = Music = Art + repeat

It's true. Or at least that's been my observation. Isn't that how scientific experiments are quantified? By visual confirmation (evidence)?  Anyway, I'm talking about music and art.

Test my theory.  Go to any art festival...and there will be music.  Go to any music festival and there will be art.  I think maybe you can't have one without the other.  Yet another piece of evidence would be npr.org and the main categories that can be found on the homepage.  News, Art, Music...and in that order too (from left to right that is). 

I myself have music playing while I'm painting...so no doubt that music is influential in my creative process. But I wonder if any musician has ever played while looking at art?  When you attend an art opening...no art opening is complete without some kind of music playing (which of course you can also say about shopping...who wants to shop without having some music playing in the background).

Just like a bottle of wine can be paired with a fabulous meal, music can be paired with great art and visa versa.

Hmmm, maybe that should be my next painting...a visual of what music and sound LOOKS like in color? I'll bet I'm not the first artist to think about this.


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