Friday, May 24, 2013

somethings I just don't understand

There's something that is very core to my being that when I see the opposite of rattles me. The record screech stop and stare sort of rattle.
Disrespect or unkindness exhibited by one human being toward another.
Parents towards children, children towards parents, co-workers towards co-workers, students towards students, etc etc.
I just don't understand it. It's the very fabric of who we are..human beings...and yet, abuse and misuse is everywhere.
And yet it's as if we are teaching each other these to or how not to act and behave and live and inspire, or not.
This is a dangerous thing...that seems to be chipping away at the "kindness factor." A smile, a kind word, a thank you, an act of gratitude, a "yes mam" or "please" or "what an outstanding job you did"...I hope and pray that these parts of our humanness never make the extinction list.
And yet, I too need to be reminded of expressing kindness to what's around me. So today I raise my hat to the billboard reminder. Be kind. Just because we are human.

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