Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What does "luxury" represent?

This is a question that's been popping in and out of my thoughts over the past few weeks. What does luxury represent and what might its link to art be?
So I googled "luxury". Interestingly...I found some trends.
First off...I had no idea there were multiple periodicals dedicated to the subject. Here's just a few: www.luxuryhomemagazine.com, www.luxurylv.com, www.modernluxury.com, www.robbreport.com, and on and on the list goes.
As I sorted through many of these sites I was looking for a common thread...specifically does art fall into this category? Without a doubt!!!
The common items I saw linked with the term "luxury" were as follows in no specific order, nor is this list anywhere NEAR complete...this is just a sampling of what I found.
Luxury equals: Yachts (boating), large homes (real estate), exotic travel (adventure), private jets (aviation), high-end automobiles, watches (jewelry), cigars & spirits, wine and ART!!
I am MOST intrigued that art is always a part of the topic of luxury. Yet, after looking through many many websites that told me what luxury was...it dawned on me...."wait a minute. These 'luxury' items are what I'm being SOLD are 'luxury' items. Hold on...are those items what I, ME, truly feel are luxurious to me?? I have a lot of art! Yet I don't consider it a luxury item.
So let's break this down a bit more. Dictionary definition: a material object, service, etc., conducive to sumptuous living, usually a delicacy, elegance, or refinement of living rather than a necessity OR free or habitual indulgence in or enjoyment of comforts and pleasures in addition to those necessary for a reasonable standard of well-being.
For me, art doesn't fit into this category of a luxury item as defined above...unless of course we're talking about an original Picasso or Renoir (pricing in the millions). Art is a NECESSITY item to me. And there's so many price ranges in the art world to choose from.
I'm curious what your thoughts might be about this. Is art a luxury? Is it a necessity? Or is art something only the uber-wealthy purchase? Is the fact that art is considered "untouchable" in the minds of so many keeping you from owning an original piece of art? (Is that like some sort of false advertising to keep everyone from owning art??) Art is for EVERYONE!
My own personal mental jury is still out deliberating the final verdict concerning what is "a luxury to me"...
Until then...check out some affordable art!

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  1. I'm willing to take on the question of "Is art a luxury? Is it a necessity? Or is art something only the uber-wealthy purchase?"

    Art has always been a part of life from the rich to the poor. The rich don't have a corner on art just because they have more purchase power than others. Art is the result of man's creative nature given to him by a creative God when God created man in His image.
    As an interpreter in a Historic Village, I see examples of artistic expression everywhere from the quilts women made as their creative outlet as well as a necessity item. Baskets were woven to use as well as to be a creative outlet. In the historical St. Mark's Lutheran church there is a very ornate hand carved altar. This piece is artistic and utilitarian. Pottery, glass, and iron were made to be used but in the process man's creativity turned these pieces into a thing of beauty along with their usefulness.The people represented in this village were not wealthy but poor and hard working.
    Today the wealthy often use art as adornments rather than for utilitarian purposes.
    The answer to your questions is yes. Art is both a luxury and necessity. A luxury for those can afford to pay for expensive art and a necessity for all since we have God's creative nature in us which begs to be expressed.