Wednesday, December 28, 2011

well d*mn...

wow...I'd forgotten just how depressing the overcast weather of Northwest Ohio Winters can be...and it's only December 28th! I can tell I'm gonna have to put in a little more effort to keep the Winter Blues away!
More bonfires outside...chunking snowballs at innocent passerbys, skipping through the wet...muddy yard...simply for the hell of it. You know...things like that.
Book reading, movie watching, work-out schedules...will all go a long way to keep my head in a good place when it's cloudy outside. Who knew JUST was an important role that seeing the sun can do?
I also find that watching episodes of American's Funniest Home Videos on Netflix also does wonders for my state-of-mind...after all...we all know laughter is the BEST medicine!!
So bring it ole man Winter! ...and yep...I'm gonna get a pair of snowshoes just for the hell of it too!! trekking round in the snow is good for releasing those happy little endorphins too!
In the mean time...I'll just look at images of the sun to remind my brain that it does in fact shine!!

Inward and Onward!

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