Thursday, February 22, 2018

Remember the "surprise 14 baby chicks?"

Yeah, those surprise 14 baby chicks from September.  If you missed here to read my entry about discovering these newly hatched chicks back in September of last year.

Well, they're all grown up now...(after all, here we are 5 months later) and since I'm no good at telling females from males when they're chicks...all you have to do is wait until they're grown and you can easily tell the difference.

Look closely at the photo on the left...their are six roosters in this photo.

Can you believe....out of of them are roosters?!  Much to my dismay...ugh...who needs SEVEN roosters?  The undo stress that this many males puts on your females is ridiculous.

So...they are for a good farming home...for your flock of hens.....or...for dinner (they would be good eatin' because they're so young).

Black-beard (the daddy of this bunch) definitely influenced their coloring.  All are truly beautiful roosters each with their own unique coloring.

I've managed to sell two of them thus we're down to five.


Today (2-24) I got a phone call from a gentleman who came and bought all five remaining roosters...and wouldn't you know...AS SOON as these buggars were loaded up in his could hear a huge sigh of relief from all the hens in the chicken yard. gone. By boys!

Happy hens again.

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