Saturday, December 9, 2017

winner WINNER chicken dinner!!

Our girls have yet again been published! This time in the January/February 2018 issue of Chicken magazine, page 69. 

Every so often I send in a photo in an attempt to win a "Nite-Guard" predator deterring red-light from 

This time I sent in a photo of one of our girls earning her keep in our blue "laying" buckets.

So far our pics haven't been selected as the winner...but sooner or later...surely!  Maybe I should mention to that we continue to have our birds pegged off every-so-often by 4-legged-unfriendlies.  That or I may just need to break down and buy a couple of their lights and "field-test" whether they actually work or not?

Anyway, it's always fun to see all the other photos folks send in of their chickens too.

Pick up the most recent issue of Chicken magazine and check it out!



Well, the first snow fall of any significance arrived this morning.  Fortunately...this year...we've have had PLENTY of time to prepare and winterize and prep the required wardrobe for the inevitable.

Here we go...after is December in Ohio.

Happy shoveling.

a glimpse into what I get to see...

Last week I worked on an empty coal train into Chicago.  I thought this view was pretty stellar so I scrambled to take a picture before we left the yard. 

This was a train that we handed off to the BNSF railroad in Chicago destined for Wyoming.

I'm always enamored by the view of the Chicago skyline as we see it from the railroad tracks.  Just thought I'd share this cool rail-view.

I'm sure you're presented with little glimmers of cool images around your day-to-day activities too.  Sometimes we just gotta capture them and share.


merry Christmas from the chicken barn!

I'm just gonna say here...chickens are very difficult to photograph...because they are constantly moving.

They have little to no concern when they see you are trying to take their photograph.  Although...these three little chicks here...struck a pose for me.

Perchin' in the chicken house.  My oh my how quickly they are growing...

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, November 5, 2017

Pretty cool...all three kids in the same performance

A few friday's ago...was alumni night at the Delta High School football game...which meant that Chris' oldest (Hannah) could join in the band performance (she graduated a few years ago).  Was pretty cool to see all three kids on the field.  Hannah (graduate), Isabella (senior) and Isaac (freshman).

That's Isabella as field commander (on the stand leading the band) and dead center to your right of the tuba player is Isaac on the tenor sax and to your right of him is Hannah playing the trombone.

They did a great job playing and marching this night.

Nicely done kiddos!


Unfortunately, it's that time of year here in Northwest Ohio where we must prep for winter.  This means prep for closing all the chickens up together in the big barn.  And currently, there aren't enough laying buckets to accommodate all our hens when cooped up into the same I took some time the other day to make some design changes. 

Still a work in progress (as it takes some time to figure out if the chickens will actual use what you build for them in the way you envision when you build it...always calls for some adaptations along the way). 

It's already dawned on me that I'm going to need to adjust the bottom perch because it's directly under the top perch and I don't think these gals can get to the top row.  See...adapt and overcome on the fly.  Part of the fun of creating solutions I suppose.

I have plans to add a few more of these bucket nests before winter arrives...but at least this is a start.

chick update...

My oh MY how these lil gals are growing up!  I'm not sure if it's just time is flying by...or if these girls are growing up faster than usual because they're in an outdoor pen versus being indoors in the garage during their "growing up" phase.  Regardless...they are soooo colorful and so energetic and playful. 

All of them have full feathers started and tail feathers too...fluff feathers be gone.

And more than one time I've seen one these little gals hop up on mom's back and ride around for a bit.  Cute cute.

As always...more to come.