Tuesday, August 7, 2018

fresh herbs...are they really that big a deal?

YES!!!  I used to think that fresh herbs were dumb.  Why not just used the dried ones from the store?

I'll tell you why...because the taste is IMPECCABLE! and not even comparable to the dried version.  Just like anything else...the fresher...the tastier.  Whether it's vegetables, eggs, fruit, meat...all the same...fresh means best!

It's really not hard to have fresh herbs either.  You can either purchase plants from any store that sells garden plants, or you can also plant your herbs from seeds via seed packets from any garden store.

For myself, I try from seed first and if that doesn't work out...I'll purchase the plants.  I guess I just like to challenge myself on the success of it all.

Just like anything else...you will be challenged.  Because bugs like fresh herbs too.  Especially bugs that like to eat up all the leaves of your herbs.  So yes, vigilance and patience is required.  A little bit of effort can go a long way!

Nothing tastier than fresh herbs sprinkled onto your scrambled eggs, into your stir fry or to garnish your homemade dinner dishes.

My favorites?  Basil, oregano, mint and parsley. 

Onward to learning new skills!!

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