Saturday, January 25, 2014

looking for the bright side

I got out of my vehicle just to capture this photo this morning. Sigh. Not gonna make it to work and back in this. A level 2 snow emergency has been posted for Fulton County and every surrounding county for that matter. The Toledo police are only responding to injury crashes. Let's just say, the weather and road conditions are crap. Again.

It feels as if you choose to dance with the devil to go out in this stuff. You nail one drift or a passing car nails a drift and're both off the road. Vehicle in a ditch or field or worse.

It's sort of hard to see but in the photo above, drifts are forming across State Route 109 from the blowing wind and snow that can grab your car and toss it off the road with "YOU SHALL NOT PASS" echoing through the air.

I've been trying to find some comic relief from this relentless winter and well, let's just say I seem to be more irritable than anything else. Reminds me of the cabin fever I felt in the 90s when I attended college in Northern Wisconsin. This was everyday winter up there.

Good news. My winter wardrobe has grown exponentially. Warm layers makes it all much more liveable. My back and arms are getting stronger from all the shoveling too! Pffft, who needs a gym membership?
Watched an episode of Yukon Men last night. That made me much more appreciative for plenty of warm food, running water and much warmer temperatures than what they live in every day.

Always a brighter side of things.

Looking for it is definitely helping. Maybe I'll go out and visit with the chickens in the barn. They aren't complaining.

1-27-14 Update:
I found the BEST bright side ever last night! Was at a gas station and written in big black sharpie letters on a post-it note were the words...
"52 days until Spring"!

Hell yeah!

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