Tuesday, June 1, 2010

blew out my flip flop...but not on a pop-top...

Sad day cause I blew out my flip-flop on Memorial Day. I know everyone has their favorite flip-flops...and these were mine. My Teva flip-flops from like 1989! yeah, that's right! My old friend...sign.

So was paddling on Harrison Bay with my bud Ellen Kimbro...and we ferried out on a spot where it required we walk on the mucky, thick clay bottom of the bay....and while I was stepping up onto the shore...my flip-flop blew out. Yes, we laughed...but...goodbye old friend.

Sad day...but at the same time...creates a great excuse to invest in another pair...which might last me another 20 years. Who knew a pair of flip-flops could last sooooo long. These guys have been at the Ocoee River, up Mt LeConte (Smoky Mtn National Park), in Dayton-Oh, Amarillo-Tx, Pembine-Wi, and of course ye ole home town of Delta-Oh, and on and on the list goes.

So good-bye old friends...RIP. Love me some Tevas!!!

Peace out, Rachel

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