Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Reminiscent of paddling Harrison Bay

It had been entirely too long! And this summer is going by entirely too fast.  Jam packed with time spent working followed by projecting around our home (primarily related to some upkeep of the chicken barn and fending off wildlife chicken killers, but that's a whole other post waiting to happen) I decided that it was time to get the boat out!

So I grabbed Dodi (our water-loving toy fox terrier) and my boat and off we went to the Delta reservoir.  (the closest thing here to Harrison Bay).  There is a Harrison Lake semi-nearby here but neither really truly compares to the awesomeness of paddling Harrison Bay in Harrison, TN but I digress.

As you can tell from the smile on my face here...joy, pure joy to be outside smelling the fresh northwest Ohio air and listening to the sound of my own paddling pulling through the water.

Dodi is becoming an ole pro at this kayaking thing.  If you're looking to invest in a kayak and have a dog, I highly recommend a pfd (personal floatation device) for your pet. Specifically one with a handle on the back so you can lift your dog up out of the water if need be.

Here's Theodore (aka Dodi) doing what he does best...enjoying life in the moment.  Professional kayaker extraordinaire. Well, sort of.  At one point he did decide to walk out on the nose of the boat which then lead to a slip and fall into the water.  No biggy, I just reached over, grabbed him by his pfd handle and lifted him back into the boat.  Next time I'll be sure to put a towel on the deck of the boat so he can hang out up there more comfortably and not slip and fall in.

So three cheers for summer kayaking!! Hoping there's much much more of this to come.  Sometimes we just gotta put down our projects and our chores and grab the boat and go!

Live life in the moment!

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